The story

Welcome to my preset shop! 

My name is Mel Vandersluis, also known as @mvandersluis on Instagram. I'd love to share my story about how I got here. While delving into content creation and travel photography for the last year I've become very much in love with the editing process. I had been using VSCO cam for some time on my phone but then when I wanted to switch to shooting RAW files on my camera VSCO cam wasn't the best solution.

When I'd heard about Lightroom I wanted to try it out and see what all the fuss was about. It was frustrating for the first 2 months while I was learning but slowly I started to get into the groove and developing my own presets. (What is a preset? It is a series of steps/edits you make to a photo that are saved under one name. Presets can help you create a consistent and more efficient workflow. Basically it's almost like creating a filter for your photos so you can edit faster and give all your photos a similar look.)   

Shortly after I was getting quite a few messages daily on "how do you edit your photos?" and "what program do you use?". I started doing LIVE broadcasts on instagram about how I edit my photos but it wasn't ideal to every time zone so I started putting up tutorials on YouTube instead so people could watch them at any time. Now we're here! The presets that I have been using and developing for the last 6 months are available in this shop for anyone to purchase and use for their photography. The story behind each pack of presets you can find in the description of the product :) I hope you guys love them and I can't wait to hear and see what you end up creating!

x Mel