Project #1: @Cluse

Hey Humans!

I wanted to take a portion of this blog to talk to you about some of the projects I take on with brands and how I may edit that content differently. This June and July I've been working with @Cluse watches which has been so much fun! The watches for summer are so colourful, I've such a great time shooting with them! Here are a few before/afters from the project so far. 

1. Make sure the item is in focus when shooting. This is really important and it's also something you can't fix afterwards in Lightroom. Double check by zooming into the picture when reviewing them on your camera.

2. If you're doing a wrist shot, find a great background! Whether it's a beautiful view or a colourful wall like this wall full of post-its. If you're curious about this delicious ice cream it can be found at Calem in Montreal (omg so good!). 

[Photo edited with "Canggu" from the Bali Preset pack]

3. I used the brush tool to brighten up the face of the watch, brought up the clarity and sharpened. I often like to take pictures that are a bit further away but I always need to keep in mind that the watch face needs to be visible and when I edit it needs to pop to make it a focus.

[Photo edited with "bossman" from Bali Preset Pack]

4. If you like taking further away pictures but need to shoot closer for a watch or jewelry company you're working with, try a seated position or a half body photo. You can get in close but still get a lot of the surroundings. 

[Photo edited with "bossman" from the Bali Preset pack}

These are just a couple of tips I kept in mind while shooting these Cluse watches :)

If you enjoyed this post leave me a comment below and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this one!


Mel - @mvandersluis 


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