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Project #1: @Cluse

Hey Humans! I wanted to take a portion of this blog to talk to you about some of the projects I take on with brands and how I may edit that content differently. This June and July I've been working with @Cluse watches which has been so much fun! The watches for summer are so colourful, I've such a great time shooting with them! Here are a few before/afters from the project so far.  1. Make sure the item is in focus when shooting. This is really important and it's also something you can't fix afterwards in Lightroom. Double check by zooming into the picture when reviewing them on your camera. 2. If you're doing a wrist shot, find a great background!...

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How to import, edit + export in Lightroom

When I was first learning about Lightroom I wanted to know how to do everything from start to finish. I made the video to cover everything on how to import your photos, how to edit with all the tools Lightroom gives you and how to export all your photos once you're done.  x Mel  

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